Thursday, October 05, 2006

No paras or push ins today.
Illegal in more ways than one.
Too many kids, not enough help, assemblies and library time that throws us out of routine.
Today was not a great day.
Tomorrow will be better. Fridays are always better.
Days like today I realize that despite sometimes good intentions, there are many people at my school who a) really don't care where my kids end up in life and b)are scared of my students.
Fear combined with people just earning a paycheck does not set a first year teacher up for success.
I have to fight day in and day out to make sure my kids are getting what they deserve.
Today they didn't.

My roomie has a quote on his door that says, "It is impossible to teach without the courage to love, without the courage to try 1,000 times before giving up."
I love my kids...their funny sayings, their artistic ability, the fact that they come to school everyday and how they hug me SO tight when they're angry...but there are moments when one can't help but feel overwhelmed by the situation and how hopeless it feels at times.
Everyday they show me what I'm made of. I hope I do the same for them.


Ms. H said...

Why didn't your school provide substitute paras for your class?

rabi said...

if the illegal stuff keeps happening, you might want to grieve it. the process is kind of a hassle but if they know you're serious about sticking up for your rights and the students' rights, they might be more accomodating in the future.

or they'll hate you and want to make your life miserable. depends on the administration. :p

Nicole said...

I hope today was a better day!

Your students are lucky to have you. Love may be one of the most important things students need from their teachers. And it is sometimes very hard to give in stressful, unsupportive environments.

Stephen J. Hopson said...

Your friend (NYC Teacher) sent some of her readers over to you and I was particularly struck with this article you wrote. You obviously care about your students and like Nicole said, sometimes it's very hard to give with love in stressful, unsupportive environments.

I wrote some stories about the impact my fifth grade teacher made on my life so many years ago and I hope they will cause you to believe that you can still make a difference with your students:







Stephen Hopson