Wednesday, June 20, 2007

While teachers across the country are on vacation, we are still in school. I'm not sure why...I have many theories, and when I am free of the confines of TFA I will probably voice them here, but until then I will just say that we are still in school.
My para got another job, which means I have a different substitute everyday. They always show up 20 minutes late. Sometimes they speak english. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they stay awake for the whole day. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they do what I ask them to do. Most of the time they don't.
"Man, I wish it was just us," Kevin said today. "We don't need anybody. It can just be us. We like a little family."
The sub came in and everybody groaned. I felt bad for her. On the inside I kind of groaned too.
I've tried including their names in word problems and giving them time to introduce themselves to the kids. The fact is the kids are tired of different people everyday. They don't even let the sub help them any more. They'll wait 10 minutes for me to help them while the sub just stands and watches. We're all kids, and we long for the routine that worked for us all year. Being forced out of it day after day is uncomfortable and instead of adapting we all rebel, me and my 13 babies.
5 more days...5 more days...5 more days...


ms. v. said...

My theory to explain why we end so late is that...

1. NYC and the northeast overall starts much, much later than many other parts of the country. Our colleagues in the south were teaching two or three weeks before we were. I'm not sure why there's such a pronounced regional difference but it might have to do with harvest seasons.

2. We also have a few extra days off (for everyone or from instruction) throughout the year - the Jewish holidays and what used to be known as "Brooklyn-Queens Day" are examples).

Miss G said...

I know other people, especially schools on the east coast, that start after Labor day and have been out for at least a week, maybe 2 now. They don't have as many holidays, but they take days for bad weather.
A 10 month school year would be great if things like professional development was built in, but when the system is not effective, it seems like a fast road to burn out for everyone involved.

Aimless Amy said...

Hey - are you saying that you can't say what you want because of your affiliation with TFA?