Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life Without Babies

It took 4 days to miss them.
After 6 I was ready to go back.
I'm not sure my life is ready for me to go back and my spirit definitely needs the break, but I miss them. My laughter is different without them.
The 2 weeks since school has been over have been spent at home, first in Minneapolis and then in Kansas, with friends and family. Being a person with a first name, driving a car, eating lots of food that is bad for me and taking 4 hour long naps. I returned to a hot city with sidewalks that burn my feet and not nearly enough green grass or fresh air. As we hunted for an apartment yesterday sweat ran down every inch of our body. We want to eventually move back to Minneapolis. To cooler weather and green grass and cleaner air...a place that is closer to our families and a lifestyle that is more ours.
And Target. Oh how I heart Target. That you can drive to. That's not in the Bronx.
Nevertheless, yesterday we walked....and sweated....and walked some more to find a new place to live because for now I need to be here for 13 reasons. On September 4th every single one of them will be in one classroom...again.


Lorraine Woodward said...

there's Target in Brooklyn . . .

Miss G said...

It takes over an hour to get to just the outside of Brooklyn from where I live (in Harlem).
Somebody should build one on the island - they would make a lot of $$.

ms. v. said...

the joy, pain, and ultimately zen of living in nyc is NOT shopping at target... finding the little places that sell only lightbulbs or shower curtains, and the larger places that sell more stuff (such as Surprise Surprise or your local grocery store)... it's the neighborhoods and their specialties... it's not for everyone, though, but it's one of the things that keeps me in cities rather than suburbs or small towns.

Miss G said...

Very true, Ms. V, although I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to adjust to all of those things taking hours to do, or not being able to find the food I eat in my neighborhood (I'm a vegetarian who lives in Harlem). There are so many neighborhoods I love in New York, I just can't afford to live in them :)
I'm definitely not a small town person, but some people mesh with New York...I mesh with Minneapolis :)