Wednesday, December 05, 2007

15 days...

And I don't understand why life revolves around the ELA.

But it does.

Last night we were sitting on the couch, eating dinner, and my boyfriend asks me a question to which I respond, "There's only 16 more days until the ELA."
Thank goodness he puts up with me.
And that soon the test will be over.


Ms. M said...

That was craziness running into you at the museum today. How did we just see each other??

Also, you have two teacher blogs? I'm so confused!

Zuzuzpetals said...

Hi Miss G -

Puts up with you, I DON'T THINK SO. Teachers have got to be the most fun group on the planet.

We have 9 days of school until winter break here. If we get a snow day between now and that ninth day, then we'll go to school Friday, the 21st (rather than last day being thursday/20th).

It is the oddest feeling - kids and teachers alike talked about this yesterday - to NOT want a snow day. We don't want that Friday in school.

We get snow days here in Oklahoma ;). I always hear how up north that doesn't happen - too well prepared.

On your earlier response, I understand your frustration with people who don't do/are happy with not doing their job. I'm not sure it's 100% different in other fields ... unethical people, etc., abound in every field. They undercut coworkers, leave early on Friday, take credit for other people's work, and rob entire employee work forces of all their 401K savings. (Look at the current mortgage meltdown? Someone somewhere is not doing their job and they're likely to get a golden parachute for it). Not to ever, ever, ever excuse unethical work behavior in teachers. I am just hoping education doesn't lose you to another field ... and sometimes perspective helps keep that from happening.

Miss G said...

Not 2 teacher blogs - one was for when I student taught. I haven't posted there FOREVER!
I agree with the craziness of running in to you at the museum - even crazier, I forgot my para there!! I worry so much about leaving kids (and she had went to McDonalds for over 30 minutes...) I forgot about her!!

Ms. M said...

Hmm . . . Still confused because the one I thought it was posts regularly including today. The "About Me" description is the same as yours.

Miss G said...
Send me the link - do you have my email?

Ms. M said...

No, I don't. Mine is