Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day Off?

Notsomuch. My morning was filled with meetings, and my afternoon with planning. We had a planning party (aka 3 teachers from my school got together, ate lots of snacks, and planned like crazy people for 6 hours).
Even though the days was not the sleep in, watch talk shows in pajamas on the couch day off as I had when I worked in the DOE, I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
A conversation that happens often with staff at my school is whether or not this is sustainable. If not, how can we fix it so that it is, and is fixing it beneficial to kids? There are people that argue that teachers should give as much as they can at a school like mine (long hours, often 70+ hour weeks) and then when they're burnt out, move on to something else. These people feel that it isn't the school's job to ensure sustainability, but rather the achievement of the kids. There are others that argue that staff retention greatly contributes to a schools' culture and the achievement of it's students, and that teacher retention should be a focus of charter schools and other educational institutions with extended hours/weekend work requirements. (My school does not require teachers to teach on weekends, but many charter schools have mandatory Saturday academies).
I'm not sure where I stand on this argument, but I know that I don't feel like I could work at this job and have children of my own. I also don't feel like someone could work 40 hours a week and service my children the way they deserve. Maybe there's no answer...maybe it's different for every school or organization?
I'd love to hear people's thoughts!


The Social Reformer said...

"happy" veterans day


Teacher said...

Sustainability is more important than burning out newer teachers. Being new takes so much away from my teaching. In the school I worked at last year (in Kansas!) I worked with Amazing teachers. Most had taught for years and were able to do the basic parts of teaching a class without blinking an eye, which gave them more time to go deeper and make their classroom experiences that much better. My previous school was proud of their ability to retain teachers. The environment was amazing for all who were a part... It sure makes it hard not to miss. Then again, I think keeping teachers for the long haul is just one factor in making a school successful.

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