Monday, July 17, 2006

Capturing Honesty

It's easy to be calm and reflective and optimistic on Friday nights.
The 4 nights of the week that lead up to Friday are much more raw.
Curriculum changes that happen daily, unclear expectations and not enough guidance coupled with too much micromanaging leave us all understanding why there are many that don't make it through this part of the program.
Being one of many and stuggling to learn and teach at the same time is exhausting and more intense than anything I've done in my entire life.
The straw that breaks the camel's back comes in forms of showers with no water and 100 degree busses in stalled traffic and bus drivers that, despite driving the route everyday, still get lost sometimes. Phone calls home to vent are cut off by the obligation to do more....go more...stress more.
The only time I feel calm and confident is when I shut my door and teach my kids.
The first day of induction we did an observation at a school. 60 of us got off the bus in our business suits and walked up the sidewalk in the South Bronx and as we neared the school a car pulled up. They rolled down their window and asked, "Are you teachers?"
We looked at each other and eventually somebody said, "Yeah."
"Good," they said. "We need some here."
I smiled. I still smile when anyone tells that story.
We're here for a purpose.
The struggle to hold on to that is one that I face everyday.
But I'm still here...and so are so many people I've come to admire.


Ms. M said...

When I was with my induction group last year walking to our school for an observation some people on the street started saying that we were a "teacher parade." We thought that was funny and then one of the guys said "I hope it doesn't rain on your parade."

Kristin said...

Sounds like you are having a very interesting experience in the big city!
The kids have changed a ton since you moved. If you come back to the Twin Cities, feel free to give us a call and stop by!!!!

C.N. said...

I love your blog! I stumbled across it thru another blog I searched on Google. I want to teach and thinking about doing it in NYC through NYC Teaching Residency program. Your blog is very informative! LOVE IT!