Saturday, July 01, 2006

Home Sweet Home

High ceilings and three fireplaces. Big rooms with lots of closet space. A street with trees and families and the subway only 5 minutes away on foot. Within my budget ($735 a month)...
I'll be living with an '05 and '04 corps member. (Bemidji people, my one roommate is just like Bill's brother only 6 inches taller !) Our living room, with a blue couch and table, has already been nicknamed 'the blue room'. This was the first apartment I looked at here and I got SO lucky. Now I can spend time focusing on my kiddos and being a good teacher rather than worrying about where I am going to live.
On a side note, I spent the entire day wandering around the city on my own and didn't get lost or turned around once, quite an accomplishment for this small town Kansas girl who used to not be able to read a map to save her life!
Things are going better than I thought possible.
This is where I'm supposed to be - that's an amazing feeling.

(Note about the pictures: For all of you smart alecs out there, I'm not living in the side that's boarded up. I was going to crop it out, mostly for the sake of my parents and other people who worry, but I though it was very symbolic of Harlem at this point in time so I left it. Harlem is definitely going through a renaissance (no pun intended) but parts of stereotypical Harlem still remain, thus the boarded up windows.)


Ms. M said...

OK that is so wierd. My friend lives in that building. Are you moving into the second or third floor?

julie said...

right now they live on the 2nd floor, but we're moving to the 3rd floor. what's your friend's name?

it's kind of creepy that you can tell exactly what building it is from the picture - my goal was for people to not be able to do that!

Ms. M said...

Yeah, you are totally moving in with my friend michael. so funny.

Don't worry about the photo though. It's only because I've been there many many times. I saw the piture and thought, why does she have a picture of mike's apartment? Of course that is the only half boarded up building on the block so it is kind of obvious. So I guess we'll be meeting later this summer.

julie said...

crazy! michael seems really cool and a lot like somebody i knew from school.
i look forward to meeting you!