Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I have a job.
A self contained 3rd and 4th bridging room.
What that means in non teacher language is that I will have the same 12 - 14 special education students all day every day. My students all have both emotional disorders and learning disabilities.
They're said to be 'born in hell'...wild...uncontrollable...but teachable. That's all I need.
I left with both my 3rd and 4th grade writing curriculum and having signed up for a reading workshop in August. I saw my room and met one of my students (who was, ironically enough, in trouble for sneaking in to the building...hhmmm).
They couldn't stop warning me how much of a challenge this would be.
How they didn't want me to take the position if it wasn't right for me.
How these kids need a really special person.
They need a life changer.
I'm ready.

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Laura said...

Yep. That's you!

By the way, we're moving out of our house tomorrow, so the old phone number is dying. Sort of sad. My cell works sometimes at the cabin.. that's where we'll be for a while. We miss you! Sorry we missed your call... we were out of town that day. Very sad :(