Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 3

The middle of day 3 is here and we have an hour of free (well, kind of) time. Time to finish paperwork, meet with placement staff, get faxes made and documents mailed, but free time nonetheless because we're not sitting in a session.
The past 2 days have been a blur, filled with constant new faces and an overload of information. We spent Monday afternoon doing observations at a school and then had a chance to ask current corps members questions at a panel and over dinner. Tonight we have dinner with an alum in the city (we're in small groups).
Overall, the most overwhelming part so far has been the sheer number of us. There's 566, and we're herded like cattle for the most part. Despite the attempt at small groups, it's largely impersonal, although sometimes the anonymity is nice.
I've met some awesome people with a wide spectrum of life experiences and am already learning so much from the people I live with. The process is messy and the organization imperfect (for some reason many of us unfairly expected something different), but we're slowly getting there. On Monday we start institute (the boot camp part) and I'm excited to meet the kids and start actually doing teaching stuff.
Time to go do my errands and hopefully squeeze in a workout before I leave to find my way to dinner....

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