Friday, June 09, 2006

Change of Plans

My original intention for this blog was to chronicle my experience with Teach for America for myself, family, friends, and others in TFA or interested in TFA. I originally thought that this experience would begin on the 25th of June, the start of Induction. What I'm realizing as the summer progresses is that the experience started months ago. The past six months have been filled with paperwork and curriculum and emails and phone calls. There were days I couldn't wait to leave, and other days when I'd wonder if this program was too much for me to handle.
Starting today I'll blog every once and a while about the transition. She says it best in her post about preparing for the best.
"We (all the new corps members) are leaving things behind. Really hard things to leave behind. Nobody takes this leap without loss."
I left a city and a boyfriend and jobs that I loved to pursue this program because I believe in it.
It's time to take that belief and passion and preparation and do something with it that will change the lives of my future students.

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sheree said...

hi julie, i am so proud of you that you believe in it... that is what i admire about you...go for can do emma and i miss you...emma can crawl across the room and pull herself up at the table and move around the table...if i am not mistaken..caring for emma is one of the jobs that julie left...but we know she'll make a difference in children's she did in ours....sheree,david and emma lily