Friday, June 16, 2006

I’m getting excited.
Reading over our institute mailing was strangely comforting (after freaking out that I have to buy new shoes). We have a busy schedule, and it looks like we’ll be up by 5 every morning, but we’re teaching – in teams – but we’re teaching. We’ll have guidelines on setting up objectives and goals for our students and people to help us when we’re failing (or feel like we are). In the afternoon and evening we’ll have various breakout sessions that relate to our teaching area and we’ll also have time to plan and debrief with our teaching team. In our sample schedule we never go past 10, and Saturdays are totally ours to plan, workout, do laundry, etc.
And to top it all off we get to hang out with cool people who share our passion for education and kids and then we get to live in this AMAZING city for 2 years.
Seriously people, how bad can it be?
No bootcamp philosophy for me - it’s like professional development Disneyland – as long as we take each day as it comes and remember to breathe and focus on the kids, it’ll rock.

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Ms. M said...

The key to surviving institute is getting to bed early! (or relatively so) Don't stay up all night being a perfectionist about posters, etc. and you'll be fine. I got to bed a couple times a week before eleven and that saved me. Also, bring a laptop with a printer. I was given that advice last year and trust me it is sooo crucial.

So, are you flying into JFK? If so, I'll prbably see you there. I'm going to be coordinating arrivals and busses to induction on Sunday.