Monday, June 12, 2006

Leavin On A Jet Plane

A week from now I will be in NYC. They're flying me in for an interview (well, kind of - I have to pay for part of my ticket and all of my other expenses) with a principal for a 2nd/3rd grade Special Ed position. Much better than the 6th grade they originally wanted to interview me for!
I'm pumped - to get a sneak peek of the city and to interview when I can really focus on just the interview, not a million other TFA things.
I have a week to prepare - I'm going to be the most professionally enthusiastic teacher they'll ever meet!

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Kathleen said...

This is a great way to keep us all posted. I am so excited for you and I also have feelings of pride as if you were my own daughter. Of course, I have probably spent more time with you in the last couple years than your mom has!