Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Room With A View

I got a job! The position I had prepared to interview for (2nd and 3rd special ed) ended up being cut because of funding, but they had a general ed 1st grade position open, which I was offered before I left the school!
I got to see my room and meet some of my future students, as well as meet the staff in the building. They're so welcoming and I left with lots of email addresses for advice on housing, moving, or just questions in general. The school seems very structured - there are no kids randomly wandering the halls and kids seem to really respect their teachers. Much different from other urban schools I've seen.
My demo lesson went well. The kids were good, but not so good that I never had to correct any behavior, which gave the principal a chance to see my management skills.
The room I'll be teaching in is amazing! It's big, with lots of storage space and a round window right above where my desk will be! The walls are a pale yellow and there's lots of natural light - what a great learning environment! The only downer is no AC - it was over 90 degrees in the room yesterday at 10 in the morning! The school has AC but the assistant principal, who's been there for 6 years, doesn't remember a time when it actually worked in every room. Oh well - if that's the biggest obstacle I face there I'll consider myself lucky and just buy some fans!
Time to finish getting ready - packing and sorting and transitioning....3 more days! There's too much to do to really process right now.

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Laura said...

Your post made me smile, because I know you're happy