Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Our union person is just down the hall.
She knows what is going on.
Nothing is done about it.
Welcome to teaching Special Education in the Bronx.
This is why I'm here.
This is why TFA is here.
Kids like mine need good teachers.
Today was more of the same...not just in my room, but in my entire building.
Something needs to change.
The system needs to change.
I'm once again brought back to the big picture...
Wendy Kopp...please save us...

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Jen said...

Hello. I stumbled onto your journal yesterday when I was doing a search hoping to find a workshop for working with ED children. I was moved by your writing, and saddened at how I feel as though I could have penned the first part of this entry. I am in my second year teaching in the Bronx. Last year I had kindergarten inclusion, and this year the second grade CTT. It sounds like your children are probably middle school, and I can just imagine it being my children in a handful of years. In theory, the children in an inclusion class are not emotionally disturbed, as well as many other things that do not work out in practice. I am weary of saying too much on such a public forum, but if you are interested in talking, feel free to send me an email:

Good luck getting things back to how they were. I am in a similar situation, frustrated by the regression. At least it is a reminder of how much progress is made, but I sometimes worry about whether or now we will get it back. Ever since winter break, my class has been loosing ground. Is it naive to think we can start again after the mid-winter recess? Anyway, I really wanted to say that as cliché as this sounds, your children are luck to have someone who cares as deeply as you obviously do. Regardless of what else happens, do not loose sight of that.