Wednesday, February 21, 2007


New York is finally melting.
I walked home from the gym today in capris with my coat unzipped. The streets were crowded with street vendors and kids and piles of snow and ice that are finally starting to melt.
Even though it's 40 degrees and I return to 'real life' in 5 days, it feels like summer. I haven't touched a paper or gradebook since Sunday.
I've cooked and hung out with friends and gone to the gym and laughed and talked to my roomates and caught up on email and remembered what it felt like to be a person and not a ball of stress and anxiety.
4 months until summer.
I hate thinking like that, but it's what will get me out of bed come Monday morning.


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I'm looking forward to becoming an honest-to-god teacher, so that I can feel the same way about vacations.

Right now, there just additional time for me to do work that I don't have the time/energy to get to while classes are in session.

Miss Browneyedgirlie + a part-time night-job + student teaching + a seminar course in the city once a week = absolutely crazy!

Jake said...
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Jake said...

a farmer gave me a whole head o' brocoliand some peas the other week after my visit. two words...stirfry withhoneyinit.