Monday, November 19, 2007

Another new student today, on the day my regular para was supposed to come back but didn't (after nearly 2 months absence).
And so it goes....instability is not good for my kiddos.
I wish I could put them in a bubble and protect them from everything, but that would not be preparing them for life.
This new student used to be in my room. They tried general ed for a year, but it didn't work, so now he's back.
"No matter where you go, you always end up back here, huh?" said the science teacher. I wanted to smack him and yell things that would be oh so inappropriate in front of my children.
I must provide structure - as much as I can - but still prepare them for a world that is bound to be unstable - and for people that so often will not do or say the right things.


X said...

What kind of support did he get in his gen ed placement?

Zuzuzpetals said...

Hey, Miss G. I was wondering, what does TFA do in the way of getting you all out of your classroom and in front of another group of teachers from time to time to present/talk about what's working?
The reason I ask is that being able to do that is such a professional and personal mood-booster for me. When I prepare to talk to other teachers about what is working, it's a great instrospective tool with a purpose. It grants purpose to the things I struggle with, also - now they are fodder for helping someone else.

Just a thought :). Hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving break.

Miss G said...

X - At first he was getting counseling and pull out SETTS (small group support from a special ed teacher), but the grandmother was SO against anything special ed that she demanded he receive no services, so for the last 2 months he's received nothing, and he spent most of last year in suspension, not in a classroom.
zuzu - TFA supports us, but doesn't get us out of the classroom much, especially in the second year (which is funny, because that's when you can really reflect and not just freak out.) The first year you have small groups run by TFA as part of your grad work, but these vary in effectiveness (mine was awesome), but these are not required for 2nd years. I think it would really help!