Tuesday, November 06, 2007

No Babies = Unhappy Ms. G

We had professional development today.
I won't even go in to how useless the day was.
We spent the day grading the practice ELA tests our kids took last week.
Just as I'm thinking about not being at our school anymore next year - precisely because I need to grow and move forward, not get dumped on....I miss my kids....after a day.
I miss their laughter and questions and the fact that their chairs weren't taken down from their desks all day.
It's so odd to be at school without them.
Most teachers love PD day.
I hate it.
Bring on the kids :)


Zuzuzpetals said...

What kind of teachers love PD? Oh my god!!! And, continuing along the lines of shamelessly trying to persuade you to stay in teaching ... imagine day after day of nothing but grownups. Heaven help us. When someone I know acts astounded that I work with (gasp!) TEENagers, I always explain that I'll take the fifteen-year-old with the bad attitude over the 45-year-old with the bad attitude any day.

Ms. M said...

That is the main reason that I would want to change schools: to be able to grow as a teacher. I feel like now I just get along. I do alright but I'd love to be at a school where I felt like I was learning things and inspired by the school and leadership.

Jake said...

i wonder what your deal is. Men are boys. Children are babies. ?????

Jake said...

you're a downgrader is what you are.

ms. v. said...

I think it's pretty common among young women today to call men "boys" and among teachers to refer to their students as their "babies" mostly just to show affection in the second case - but why are men called boys (especially when a lot of us wouldn't want to be refered to as girls when we are professional women? it's a good question... maybe something to do with feeling young and not being ready to accept adulthood as a concept completely...

Zuzuzpetals said...

I think it's because "boys" has a different connotation than "girls" when used to describe an adult. Most people see "boys" or "manchild" as endearing terms with an edge of chiding, whereas "girls" has the connotation of being spoken down to.
I'm not saying either is RIGHT or that the word(s) have the same connotations for Jake, (isn't he just flirting here, though, anyways?)

Miss G said...

Ha ha Jake, they're on to you.
Better watch out!
Good thing you're in Guatemala saving the world or my Boy (used here as a term of much endearment) would have something to say about that :P