Friday, April 24, 2009

See You Later :)

I've given in to the fact that I'm no longer a good blogger. And I'm okay with that.
Because I converse.
I used to work at a school where I had only very surface conversations - any 'real' conversations I had were about my personal life, and these were very rare.
Now I work in a school with true colleagues - people I have a deep respect and appreciation for. In these colleagues I have found a handful of 'thought partners' - people with whom I discuss lessons, data, theories of education, students, good days, bad days, and in the midst of it
And somehow, the desperate need for so much help from a blogging community is gone.
Well, maybe not gone - but there's no longer time.
Face to face conversations take time - relationship building takes time - and right now that's more important than chronicling this experience here for myself (which is what this was intended to be).
So this will remain, for now, stagnant. I don't want to feel the guilt of not blogging anymore, but I want to have the opportunity to do so if I feel the need to share again.
And with this....a weight has been lifted...


Miss Teacha said...

Well, I appreciate all of the sharing you've done in the past. Feel no guilt. . .. but we're still here if you need us. . this forum.

Angela said...

Good for you! We'll be here...

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you - and happy you have made a decision which fits into what you're up to these days.

Keep emailling me - I am always here if you need advice or someone to converse with!
Best fishes! Tessaxo

Laura said...

Yay for you! Well, as you know, my blog was 'dead' for like five years, so I totally get where you're coming from. Face-face is great, and I am glad you have that avenue now.

But don't forget about the phone... Love you!

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