Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Tomorrow will be our first field trip tomorrow - ice skating in Central Park.
11 out of 13 of my kids are going.
1 isn't allowed to go because of his behavior, the other kept home by his grandma who is afraid for his safety given the fact that we will be ice skating. I'm not sure if she's more afraid of him falling or the fact that his 10 classmates will have blades on their feet.
It was a huge decision...leap...for me to decide to take nearly all of them. Most of them have never been on a field trip before. It went from a reward to a culture building opportunity. A chance to show them I trust them to behave in public and that I believe they all deserve this experience.
Let's hope we all make it through it with our sanity and body parts in tact. :)


Anonymous said...

When I take my kids on trips out of the neighborhood, they are angels because they are out of their element and they know it. I think you'll find that you had nothing to worry about!

Kelly said...

It will go fine... tell us all about it! And you're going to create a lasting memory for these kids.

One trick, by the way, is to bring along the parent of any kids you're concerned about but would like to have come... you'd be surprised how many parents can take a day to help chaperone and will, especially if it's the only way their kid gets to go.

angelamichelle said...

I'm sure it will go just great. I take my little cluster of at-risk teens (many of whom have substance abuse issues, abuse/abusive backgrounds, high chances of running away, anger management problems, and have either spent or will soon spend time in juvie) on outings like that: ice skating, tubing, arcades (which is the new drug exchange place here), shopping (many of them are also big on shoplifting), hiking and hot springing - all activities that have serious potential for serious problems. Good luck with it and may you take them on many, many more trips to demonstrate to them the goodness in the world that comes when they interact appropriately with others.