Monday, January 01, 2007

Something I wrote before Christmas but never posted...

Tomorrow is the end of the semester.
Time to celebrate! Reading successes and math advances and the simple fact that we’ve made it.
There will be certificates and posters and a test prep pep talk by me and food and little cups filled with goodies from my mom (thanks mom!) and brownies from me.
We made it, babies. You’ve learned things, too. Maybe not as much as I wanted you to learn, but more than some people thought you would, which is something, right? Today I told you I was looping with you. You saw it as a reward and a reason to work hard J
I have so many stories to share about this week, my spirit is just too tired to share them.
I’m tired and focused on next week…on my family and the holiday and the togetherness I haven’t felt in far too long….on singing Silent Night in a candle lit church and how, ever since my niece was born I haven’t sung because I’m too busy holding back tears because somehow I always forget how good if feels to be home.

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