Sunday, April 15, 2007

Last week we had a week off of after school, which meant I was done teaching at 3:40 everyday. I could plan, or go home, or schedule meetings. It was amazing to feel so free.
Afterschool starts again this week, which means I teach until 5:00 again. I didn't realize what a big difference it made in my spirit until I had the week off.
2 and a half more months. Stay focused. It's the only way the kids will stay focused. We are not done. We can't be done. Our goals are not met.
So why does June feel so close that it's all any of us (first year teachers) talk about?

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X said...

I keep meaning to say this but somehow forgetting...

I hope that you are writing down, in a private context, the stuff that you can't or don't want to share here. Let us know when your memoir comes out, okay? :)