Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today my Adrielis asked me if I was going to be her teacher again next year.
"I don't know sweetie," I said. "That's not my decision."
"If I work really hard and I go to the 4th grade will you?" she asked.
"I don't know yet," I replied.
"I hope so. I pray every night that you'll be my teacher again," she said.
I knew she meant it.
I wanted to cry.
Or cancel the meeting I have tomorrow about transferring.
If only I had 13 of her.


Kat said...

Hi Julie,
I've been catching up on your blog and thinking of you. My very best wishes and prayers are with you as you move through each day and try to make some tough decisions about your future.
Kat (from Ready 4 K)

X said...

I hope you did not cancel that meeting.