Thursday, August 07, 2008

So I've been gone for a while, but for a good reason.
There were birthdays to celebrate, country air to breathe, good food to eat, people to see, and a wedding to plan. (Yep - the Boy and I got engaged a week and a half ago!)

But now it's back to teacher land, and this week we've been in full swing with staff training for my new school. I've been in Connecticut this week, training where my charter school was originally founded, with like minded, inspiring, amazing teachers/people.
For once, closing the achievement gap on a large scale seems possible. I'm finally part of an organization that I can stay with for a while - who focuses on kids, not paperwork or stupid school ratings or state tests.
I'm excited, nervous, anxious, but oh so glad I'm here.
Moving ever forward....

In my new role I'm part Sped coordinator/part pull out teacher. It will be a big change from having my own classroom and my own kids all day everyday.
I've become obsessed with Sped policies and procedures and Outlook calendar is my best friend. Who'd have thought....
And at the base of all of this is a mission - one that started with TFA but became so concrete because of 13 kids I spent 2 years with.
And yet a little part of me....actually, 99% of my heart, is still not at peace with the fact that I won't be their teacher in September. Maybe it never will be.

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