Thursday, November 16, 2006


Somewhere in the time between the end of May and now my kids learned to read.
Maybe it was during the summer, or maybe my attempts at teaching over the last 10 weeks actually resulted in progress.
Either way, they're breezing through the EClass (our reading diagnostic). Some of them jumped 3 and 4 levels in some areas. The average growth was 2 levels. That's almost a year's worth of growth. That means that my little Joshua has grown a year and a half in reading since the end of May.
He came in reading on an end of kindergarten level and he now reads on a mid second grade level.
When I showed him his progress he asked me to take his picture.
"I've never had a smart day before," he said.
I wish I would have had my camera.
I left school on cloud 9.
I can catch these kids up.
I can get them ready for general education and LIFE.
Holy buckets.


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

YAY! Congrats. That is wonderful - very happy for you.

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet story. It's for those reasons that teachers carry on.

TessaTeacher said...

Hey, it's great when you have moments like those. In our area, they are rare, and oh so bottle-a-ble. Treasure it!

How's things? Email me with what's going on re: management and discipline. I'll give you a hand!

ms. frizzle said...

wow. fantastic. good work.