Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I cancelled their field trip.
For throwing pens and fighting and cursing and refusing to do work and not listening to directions.
It was not a logical consequence.
It was not fair.
In 10 seconds I took away something we've all looked forward to for over a month.
But the respect that they used to show is slowly fading away and something needs to change.


Nancy said...

On the contrary, I think it is a logical consequence. Safety is of the utmost concern on a field trip. When you take kids on a trip, you have to feel confident that they will listen to you and behave properly. When they do stupid things in class, it shakes the confidence. I would make sure that the connection between their behavior in class and the cancellation is made explicit to your students.

PS Regardless of whether you believe they would behave properly outside of the classroom despite their behavior in class, the kids still have to know that impressions count for a lot!

Anonymous said...

Someday I will tell you about The Day I Cancelled the Second Half of a Field Trip Because my Newcomers Started Screaming at the Top of Their Lungs in Central Park.